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09 April 2011 @ 01:17 am
Who: Kuran Kaname and Yuuki~ ♥
What: [AU] The Kingdom of Eclipse is torn apart by war, and in their final hours, King Haruka and queen Juuri can only save their two children, the crowned Prince and Princess, Kaname and Yuuki. Fleeing from the fiery blaze together, the two are separated, and a traumatic moment in Princess Yuuki's life causes her to lose all of her memories of her heritage. The throne lands in the hands of Chancellor Rido until Kaname is of age... as well as wed... to assume the throne. Years later, Prince Kaname sets out on a journey to find his lost sister and reclaim her... but this time, as his bride, for Yuuki is the only woman who owns his heart. She is the relic icon bards sing about: The Lost Princess of Eclipse.
Where: Kingdom of of Eclipse
When Medieval Ages (Romanticized)
Rating: M
Warning(s): Violence, for the moment.
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08 April 2011 @ 05:13 am
♥♥ Nana's Musebox! ♥♥

Hello everyone and welcome to my wonderful musebox! As some of you may know, I have a separate one for my own personal use and for the sake of organization. After thinking on it, I've decided that it would be fun to let others log/thread with me whenever they want! Maybe you suddenly want to voice test a new muse and you'd like a friend to help you out with practice. I'm so up for this! Or maybe you thought up of some fun situation our characters find themselves in and want to play it out with me! I'm up for just about anything. This is all for fun times!

Muse List can be found here

○ Please only join if you actually know me!
I keep it open so that you guys can join even when I'm not around the computer. Not to mention I'm lazy and I just don't want to have to approve every single account.
○ Be courteous!
I might RP with a character/mun you may not like, but this is my musebox so please respect that.
○ Use the code at the bottom for your posts!
I'm not very organized, but this is one of those times I'd like to keep things uniformed.
○ Ratings!
Please be sure to fill in the 'rating' part of the code appropriately. K-T can post at any time but if the thread will be 'M' rated, please make sure to let me know! This is especially true if you're planning a smut thread. I have yet to do one and though this might change in the future, I would still like to have some sort of knowledge about it before it happens. You don't need to wait for my approval, I just need some sort of warning. I DO warn you that I will suck terribly at first because I honestly won't know what I'm doing. I'm allowing smut threads because I am willing to learn how to write one and I am generally curious. If it turns out that I don't like to write them, this rule will change and no more sex! For the time being I will not be doing any kinks unless you speak with me first and we come to some sort of agreement. Also, please be sure to change the 'Adult Content' accordingly when you post a journal. Thank you!
○ Tag things!
Tag-wise it's fairly simple. Merely use your handle: your character. Then my character.
vee: america, alice liddell
Most important rule, guys!

You can reach me by any of the following:
Email: vides.nana@gmail.com
AIM: Vnanachan (even if I'm on mobile, I'll answer)
Plurk: plurk.com/angel_de_paz
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